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Apartment Building Secrets: The massive landmines you must avoid and the strategies used by professional investors, REITs and large institutional investors to turbo-charge their multi-family portfolios.

  • Develop a true real estate legacy
  • Identify and dominate a niche that will serve your business for life
  • Optimize properties for maximum value, cash flow, and ease of management
  • Consolidate your portfolio at the right time
  • Build staying power for any economy

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This book enables investors to look beyond your average apartment building purchase and unlock the hidden value of a strategically aligned portfolio. Full of actionable advice and a profitable formula that puts people first!

Don R Campbell
Don R Campbell Investor, Best-Selling Author and Senior Analyst of Real Estate Investment Network

Sitting down with Apartment Buildings That Outperform is a great way to get to know Chris Davies. Through highly approachable stories rooted in real people, he carefully outlines what it takes to survive and standout in a way that will inspire novice and experienced investors alike. If you're ready to take action, and are touched by his wisdom and integrity as I have been, the next logical step is to sit down with Chris Davies himself.

Jeff Gunther
Jeff Gunther Co-founder of Our People & Property Company

Chris’s book is a ‘must-read’ for anyone who either is considering investing in apartment buildings or for the seasoned multi-family investors such as myself. Chris speaks from the heart and from experience as a family member of a third generation of multi-family owners who, through trial and tribulations, has seen it all, the good and the bad!  If you are serious about investing in apartment buildings and you want to shave years off your learning curve, do yourself a favour and buy this book.

Pierre-Paul Turgeon
Pierre-Paul Turgeon Matterhorn Investing
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